FlexTk v3.5.30

جستجو در درایورها با امکانات بیشتر مدیریت و آنالیز درایورها و بسیاری امکانات دیگر

FlexTk Professional v3.5.30

FlexTk Ultimate v3.5.30



فایل کرک را باید کپی کنید در آدرس زیر

C:\Program Files\Flexense\FlexTk Professional\bin

C:\Program Files\Flexense\FlexTk Ultimate\bin

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This software is an integrated File Management toolkit.

FlexTk is an integrated file management toolkit that enables you to eliminate duplicate files and free-up storage space, classify and categorize files, identify storage consumption hot-spots, analyze disk utilization patterns.

FlexTk integrates numerous file management tools into a single package and allows one to perform all operations through a centralized and unified GUI interface.

Here are some key features of "FlexTk Professional":

· Analyze Disk Utilization
· Classify and Categorize Files
· Identify and Locate Wasted Storage Capacity
· Copy Large Amounts of Data in a Fault-Tolerant Way
· Eliminate Duplicate Files and Free-Up Storage Space
· Generate Hash Signatures for Files and Directories
· Verify Integrity of Files and Complete File Systems
· Physically Wipe Sensitive Information from Disks


· 2 GHz single-core or dual-core CPU
· 512 MBytes of system memory
· 25 MB of free disk space

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